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  • Enhancing Project-Based Learning with 3D Printing Sep 11
    3D printing technology is one of the newest tools to enhance project-based learning, providing students with unique opportunities to learn about, design, produce and test solutions to real-world challenges. Not all 3D printers are created equal, however. Watch to learn what sets the Mojo from Stratasys apart from other models on the market, and see […]
    Kurt Eisele-Dyrli
  • Target Math Gaps with Adaptive, Personalized Learning Jul 30
    ALEKS from McGraw-Hill Education is an online learning and assessment program for grades 3-12 math. Using adaptive technology, ALEKS precisely identifies a student’s knowledge and delivers targeted instruction on the topics a student is ready to learn. The result is an engaging learning experience that targets gaps and improves success. Date of broadcast: Thursday, July 30, […]
    Kurt Eisele-Dyrli

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