Leadership Team


A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Patrick’s expertise will help your organization find the efficiencies and cost savings to drive your business’s profitability, whether private or public sector.

Patrick founded SRC in 2001 as a Xerox partner to solve workflow and document management problems in the private and public sectors. He elevated the company to the Platinum Partner Level by developing a host of solutions built upon the solid Xerox foundation of hardware and software solutions. Patrick has an intimate knowledge of scanning, workflow, document management and paperless technologies, bringing substantial cost and time savings to SRC clients. He recently headed the project team that defined, designed and built SRC’s paperless student enrollment solution, Registration Gateway. Prior to founding SRC, Patrick was a top performer for Xerox in the Sales and Delivery of Xerox Equipment and Software, primarily focused in imaging. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University.   Russ_KopyNew

Russ has a deep background in software solutions for the K-12 market, as well as the public and private sectors.

Russ is responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations and sales. He joined SRC in 2010 after having served as Vice President and General Manager at Trifecta Technologies since 1998. He brings years of expertise in design and development of high-volume, transactional web based systems and next-generation software product development. Previously, Russ served in a variety of executive capacities with Pentamation Enterprises (now SunGard). Pentamation’s primary business is the development and sale of software products for the K-12 school and local government sectors. Prior to Pentamation, Russ served as a consultant with the Management Consulting Group of Booz, Allen & Hamilton in New York City. He also held the position of Systems Engineer with Electronic Data Systems Corporation of Dallas, Texas. He is a graduate of Moravian College and Lehigh University.   Peter_SerraoNew

Peter’s depth and breadth of experience translates to superior customer service for SRC customers.

With more than 20 years in the computing industry, Peter is responsible for all software and hardware deployments at SRC. His knowledge and expertise in complex, web-based solutions ensures that SRC customers have a smooth roll-out and easy transition to their streamlined, paperless solutions. He is skilled in the Application Service Provider models of services provisioning and adept at technology forecasting, keeping SRC on the leading—but not bleeding—edge of technology. Prior to joining SRC, Peter held a variety of positions at Xerox, including Chief Technologist of the Off-Site Document Management Solutions Group; Manager of Technical Operations, North America, askOnce Business Unit; Technical Advisor to the e-Services Group; and Senior Project Manager. Peter is experienced in the design and implementation of complex, web-based digital services in a Business Process Outsourcing model, with emphasis on Content and Media Management, Document Management and Archival, Internet Presentment, Cross-Media Delivery of Content and ERP Integration, among others. Peter earned a Master’s Degree in Software Development and Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology.   Jennifer_Peri New

Jennifer’s leadership and vision for SRC’s product line, coupled with her ability to understand and anticipate the needs of the end user, enable SRC to deliver top product offerings in a timely fashion.

Jennifer is responsible for the direction and development of the core product line for SRC, including Registration Gateway for schools and HR Gateway for businesses. Prior to her role as SVP, Jennifer was responsible for all new deployments, including translating functional requirements, designing and testing. Before joining SRC, Jennifer had more than a decade of experience managing customer data in the financial industry. With experience in data and financial modeling, as well as project and sales management, Jennifer is ideally suited to lead the design, development and marketing efforts of the Registration Gateway product line. Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Millersville University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Penn State University.   Barbara_DeckerNew

Barbara’s understanding of complex systems and commitment to her clients allow SRC to deliver high-quality products and services.

Barbara is responsible for project management and implementation of SRC’s Registration Gateway product line. With more than 30 years in the business administration, human resources and information technology fields, she brings excellent people skills and expertise in business analysis and system optimization. Prior to joining SRC, Barbara owned and operated a successful real estate appraisal company, as well as a software company that developed and designed proprietary statistical analysis algorithms. Barbara is experienced in managing and enhancing complex systems and projects, setting goals and formulating plans and strategies to meet targets and drive growth. Her defined standards ensure high-quality and on-time service for her clients. Barbara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Penn State University.

Matt Newman

Matt’s understanding of the connection between product feature and customer need helps to define and ingrain customer feedback into SRC Solutions family of Gateway products.

Matt is responsible for the marketing and client relations of SRC’s Gateway portfolio of customer driven solutions.  With 20 years in marketing, business development and customer engagement, he has developed a unique perspective bringing the customer need into the product development process.  Prior to joining SRC, Matt leveraged his information technology background into developing software applications in the corporate and K12 Education markets.  Matt was one of the first in the K12 industry to develop applications aimed at reducing paper report processes as well as automating anti-bullying reporting.  Matt is experienced in translating highly complex customer processes into marketable solutions solving real customer issues.  Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Bryant University.

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