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SRC Solutions Expands School District Document Management with Central Records Gateway Add-Ons

SRC Solutions Central Records Gateway Revolutionizes Electronic Document Management offering for K-12 districts. Just over one year ago SRC Solutions announced Central Records Gateway, the 3rd iteration of SRC Solutions' successful Online Document Management solution for K-12 School Districts. Central Records Gateway ... More Information

SRC Solutions, Inc. sponsors York County (PA) soccer team

As a company that grew from a humble beginning in a small town 15 years ago, giving back to the community is something we find absolutely necessary. As we help school districts across the country get their students enrolled as quickly as possible and all their documents organized and accounted for, we also dedicate time and resources to t ... More Information

10 Ways that Paper Will Break Your Heart

Hard to access– Getting and using information within seconds, not days, is the norm in today’s global and mobile world. Paper lacks the immediacy and accessibility of electronic documents, and severely lengthens the time it takes for information to get from one person to the next. Paper can end up in the wrong file, mailed to th ... More Information

Lebanon School District (PA) Cuts Back on Resources and Costs with Registration Gateway

Student Registrar at Lebanon SD attests to enrollment efficiency after cutting down on labor force and paper supplies. Center Valley, PA, February 7, 2017 - ​​When you think of “cutting down” resources for a school district, more often the mind jumps to negative assumptions than positive ones. For Lebanon School District i ... More Information

Registration Gateway Wins District Adminstration’s Top 100 Products 3 Years in a Row

Following a 2014 and 2015 win, SRC Solutions' Registration Gateway wins this award once again, this time for new features and innovations to Online Student Enrollment. SRC Solutions is thrilled to have Registration Gateway win the District Administration Top 100 Award for an unprecedented 3 years in a row.  After receiving this award in ... More Information

Protect your School’s Network Security

School districts across the nation, such as San Dimas High School (CA), Fulton High School (MO), and Comack Union Free High School (NY) have been hacked by their very own students in the past year, which tells us that when it comes to school network security, we need to protect our servers from threats on the inside. Distributed denial ... More Information

The Smart Way to Track Expiration Dates

There’s only one feeling worse than a looming deadline, and that’s forgetting about it entirely. The repercussions of missing an expiration date can be as innocent as that unsuspecting sip of sour milk, to as dangerous as trying to manage tens of thousands of vaccinations.  Schools in Maryland are taking their first attempt at reign ... More Information

Innovations at Morton Grove School District 70 (IL) allow for better communication between school and student families.

Registration Gateway by SRC Solutions, Inc. creates a seamless portal for information transactions between school district and guardians. At Morton Grove School District 70, located just north of Chicago, Illinois, personalizing the educational experience of each student and their families through digital approaches is not uncommon. For  ... More Information

What does your school look like when the dust settles after registration?

Let’s face it – going back to school is a drag for everyone involved. Kids whine, parents have to replace all the outgrown school clothes and fill out all the paperwork, but the school staff have it worst of all – they’re left with the kids still sluggishly getting back into their school routine AND the mass amounts of documentati ... More Information

Solanco School District’s (PA) Utilization of Registration Gateway Saves Time and Prevents Errors During Enrollment

Registration Gateway helps further Solanco SD's district goals by allowing them to reallocate time and money to what matters most. If there’s somebody we can trust about the value of frugality, it’s probably the guy on the one hundred dollar bill. The classic proverb “Time is Money” was written by Benjamin Franklin back in 1748.  ... More Information

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