SRC Solutions and the Arkansas Department of County Operations

The Arkansas Department of County Operations (DCO), with 85 decentralized offices, processes the Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other cash benefits for the entire state.

The DCO is a busy organization—handling more than $200 million in benefits each year for SNAP alone. And because the state population has been growing rapidly, the DCO is serving more clients than ever before.

Simply stated, the DCO was being swamped with paper. For example, a single client file contained an average of 88 printed pages—more than 100 million pages in total. The sheer volume of paper had become increasingly more expensive to copy, ship and distribute to complete enrollment. If a resident moved to another county, their entire file was actually mailed to the next county resulting in exorbitant labor and postage costs.

With only 2/3 of the staff necessary to process claims—combined with a growing constituency and steadily shrinking budget—the forecast called for the situation at DCO to get even worse.

The Solution

The Arkansas DCO turned to SRC Solutions and Xerox for a technology answer that would pay for itself in reduced hard costs (paper, printing, postage, courier, filing, storage). The goal: To keep up with a growing constituency without increasing staff—while also saving the state money.

Keeping the existing state case management system in place, SRC Solutions started by fully integrating a powerful scanning and document management system. Based on Xerox DocuShare®, the new system dramatically reduces the amount of physical paperwork necessary to complete a case.

SRC re-engineered the DCO’s entire document submission and approval process using the Lean Six Sigma methodology. SRC then worked with Xerox to convert 100 million pages of legacy paper documentation, transforming the paper archives into searchable indexed electronic files. The files were then loaded into the statewide electronic case management system to allow secure access to any file, at any time, from any field office. Finally, to reduce the amount of new paper being generated, SRC worked with Xerox and installed more than 300 Xerox multifunction devices and 2,000 Xerox scanners in field offices across the state.

Using SRC’s workflow solution, cases are now entered, processed and approved entirely electronically. Today, when constituents visit one of the field offices, their paper documents are scanned and linked to the electronic case file, which enables the state’s case workers to begin processing immediately.

SRC also streamlined the renewal process. When the mainframe creates and mails a reminder to he constituent to renew benefits, an electronic copy of the mailer is put in the document management system as a placeholder. The mailer is also barcoded, so after it is returned by mail, it is scanned at a central location and automatically replaces the place holder. Remaining placeholders appear in aging reports for further action.

The Benefits

  • DCO realizes an additional cost savings of $1+ million/year by eliminating postage among the 85 locations.
  • Field offices are no longer swimming in paper—and waiting rooms are virtually empty.
  • Thanks to new efficiencies, DCO uses 20% fewer staff than it did three years ago while processing even more cases.
  • Case managers now have 24/7 web-enabled access to SNAP, Medicare and Medicaid cases and all related paper work.
  • The state has eliminated the need to build more file storage rooms and purchase new filing cabinets.
  • All electronic documents are completely secure, and a backup copy of each file is maintained in case of disaster.
  • The partnership between SRC, Xerox and DCO made the document scanning solution a natural part of each employee’s work process.
  • DCO has not failed an audit since 2009. Passing audits the first time reduces the overall workload and prevents the loss of federal funding

Click here to download this case study (PDF).

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