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What is Central Records Gateway and Student Records Management? 

Central Records Gateway Student Records Management is a multi-faceted platform where districts can accomplish many tasks with the click of a button. Instead of storing documents in warehouses and filing cabinets, school administrators can access them via Central Records through email, text, phone, tablet or computer.

The technology morphs paper files into living, breathing organisms that can be accessed any time of day. Think of Central Records Gateway as you would your cable provider that allows you to watch shows any time of day, even if you missed their air time. If a teacher, student, parent or administrator needs to tie up loose ends from a cafe or at home on the couch, he or she can do so with this platform.

Central Records Gateway is not only convenient, but it’s cost-effective as well. It can save a district thousands of dollars, which can be put back into the classroom to fund special programs or hire more teachers.

This user-configurable Student Relationship Management solution drives cost efficiencies, risk mitigation and enhanced perception. Central Records Gateway can be used to manage documentation from special education, food services, medical, online enrollment, content learning management and much much more.


Fight School District Budget Cuts with Central Records Gateway Student Records Management

Over the last decade, America’s school system has seen horrific budget cuts. In 2012, the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, compared this crisis to a game of chicken, explaining that in the same way people will fall off the shoulders of their teammates during the game, some teachers will lose jobs, some classes may vanish and some services may be eliminated.

In 2014, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reported that state budgets provide far less per-pupil funding for K12 compared to six years ago.

In July 2015, DNAInfo confirmed that schools in Roseland and Pullman in Chicago will collectively lose $2.8 million for the coming school year.

Clearly budget problems are only getting worse, and something has to change. Otherwise, America’s students and educators might continue to fall through the cracks. Many schools’ resources may run dry while waiting on state and federal policy to come to the rescue. However, each and every school in America has the potential to assert control over this unfortunate situation.

Look no further than digitizing your school records to increase efficiency, streamline workloads and put money back into the classroom. That’s exactly what you can expect from SRC Solutions Central Records Gateway Student Relationship Management.

The Central Records Gateway Student Relationship Management system allows school districts to Mitigate Risk, Adhere to Compliance Regulations, implement  Electronic Cumulative Folders, and Enhance Parent Engagement.

The Central Records Gateway truly manages the lifecycle of your student population by not only transforming your paper processes to a digital environment workflow but also making that new information available and accessible.

Areas of Protection Central Records Gateway Competitor Software
Legal Risk Mitigation from outdated storage solutions Yes No
Localized Compliance Protection for District, State, and Federal Yes No
Embedded Electronic Cumulative Folder Yes No
Parent Engagement module enhancing communication between parents, students and district Yes No
Intelligent Document technology reducing human error Yes No

How does it work? 

Here’s a rundown of the features Central Records Gateway offers.

  • Advanced security controller: The platform has a built-in security system that offers permission management and automated access. Additionally, this feature reduces the chance of human error.
  • Intelligent document technology: Furthermore, teachers won’t have to worry about violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Manual systems will no longer be necessary to file and protect valuable information, and teachers and administrators won’t have to concern themselves with potentially misplacing a document.
  • Policy and compliance monitor: This feature offers customized archiving and retention schedules. At the click of a button, administrators can set up archiving and purging schedules to meet district, state and federal requirements.
  • Parent share engagement module: Because manual processes are a thing of the past, schools don’t have to mail out report cards and other updates. They can use Central Records Gateway to do this and a myriad of other tasks that were traditionally printed out.

Collectively, these features offer schools modules that mitigate risks, enhance parent engagement and adhere to compliance regulations. Moreover, electronic cumulative folders remove many responsibilities from staff, freeing them up for other tasks while also putting money back into the classrooms that it’s slowly trickled out of.

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Here’s a list of commonly asked questions regarding Central Records Gateway.

  • How can you get Central Records Gateway? If your school is interested in Central Records Gateway, getting started is easy. Simply fill out the form to the right.
  • Who can use Central Records Gateway? Many people can access the portal, including nurses, teachers, students, parents and school administrators.
  • How does Central Records Gateway stand apart from its competitors? There are several platforms on the market, but none like Central Records Gateway. Unlike its competitors, it offers risk mitigation, compliance protection, electronic cumulative folders and parent engagement.
  • What’s the return on investment? Schools will save a fortune without having to assign staff to manage paper documents. A hefty return on investment can be seen as soon as six months after implementing the technology.

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