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SRC Solutions is the gateway to cost-savings and efficiency—streamlining business processes with custom corporate and legal document management systems.

Solutions for Business

SRC Gateway Platform
Start-to-finish document management system improves efficiency and generates immediate ROI.

No matter what business you’re in, time management is critical to success. Any process that wastes valuable time and slows down communication is a roadblock that must be eliminated. SRC offers a variety of solutions that can save your company time and improve your ability to share information with any audience—even globally. SRC Solutions streamlines your enterprise’s ability to create, distribute, maintain and maximize the value of new and existing document content.

A truly paperless solution for Human Resources Onboarding.

Hiring a new employee requires an extraordinary number of paper forms. Most businesses struggle with the copying, routing, filing, retrieving, updating and archiving these documents. The process is an ever-growing waste of precious time and money–and opens your organization to potential legal and compliance issues.  HR Gateway is a paperless, configurable, web-based portal that streamlines the intake, retention and distribution of documents related to hiring new employees–including the reporting required by state and federal mandates. Click here to learn more about HR Gateway.

Eliminate paper and gain unprecedented access to critical information that has been locked away in hard copy.

What ever information your organization currently collects on a paper form can now be collected electronically and securely with Forms Gateway.  The Forms Gateway system of data and e-document collection is designed in a modular fashion to meet your unique data, information and process needs–all through one portal application. Click here to learn more about Forms Gateway.

Solutions for Law Firms

SRC serves as an important resource when your firm is inundated with documents. When time and efficiency are critical, we provide crucial printing and archiving support. For assured document integrity and long-term legal defensibility of your electronic records, AbsolutProof®—our core digital document integrity tool—allows your firm to assure your clients the proof of integrity for all documents.

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