Gateway Suite Applications

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The SRC Solutions Gateway Suite is the culmination of 15 years of research, development and customer deployment providing the only one stop shop for Student Lifecycle Management in K12.

Gateway Suite is comprised of eight independent yet completely integrated workflow solutions for K12 schools and districts along with six add-on modules for additional functionality.

Gateway Suite Application Workflow Solutions

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Building off the advantages already offered by Registration Gateway, School Choice/Open Enrollment Gateway is the only school selection solution to feature a built-in rules engine—enabling administrators to adjust or change rules in-house.

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The only true paperless solution of its kind, Registration Gateway streamlines K-12 student registration, re-enrollment and information tracking into a simple, intuitive process. By digitizing and automatically integrating data into existing student information systems, Registration Gateway saves money and increases compliance.

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Central Records Gateway is the First Student Relationship Management solution to provide a full Electronic Cumulative Folder experience in K12.  Central Records Gateway drives out the inefficiencies and stale data associated with traditional paper based Cumulative Folders.  Central Records Gateway delivers Intelligent Document Distribution eliminating file cabinets and warehouses, automates student and staff document access and security, manages student record compliance at the local, state and federal levels and much much more.

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Safe Kids Gateway is a solution born from the need for a uniform solution to capture volunteer and employee safety clearances in schools, towns, camps and sports. Safe Kids Gateway provides your company, school or organization a simple and effective way to clear employees and volunteers through what is today a cumbersome, ineffective and unsecured paper process. Safe Kids Gateway manages the information intake, approvals, notification and record tracking.

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The sheer amount of paperwork involved in hiring a new employee is staggering. Time and money is wasted at nearly every step of the process, from copying, routing and filing forms to retrieving, updating and archiving existing documents. And that’s before taking into account the legal and compliance issues created by an ever-expanding web of state and federal regulations.

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Saving money is at the forefront of every school board discussion. Now ensure only those students eligible to attend your district are the ones attending with SRC Solutions Address Purification Gateway.

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Parent Communication and engagement shouldn’t go away in the digital age. It should only improve. This mantra is the reason for ParentShare Gateway. Schools and Districts can now electronically share personally sensitive documents with parents without having to manually send each document. Report Cards, Progress Reports, Medical Visits and much more can be batch sent to parents and securely delivered to parents password protected.

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With the advent of charter schools, online learning and alternative learning, records requests in school districts have grown exponentially in the last couple years.  Records Request Gateway alleviates this burden by taking the records request process from the front office to the internet with an intuitive online records request workflow with fee collection and electronic document delivery.


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