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Student Registration:
A process that once took up to two hours per student is reduced to minutes with Registration Gateway • Learn More

Paper-based K-12 student registration is an outdated, costly, time-consuming process.

School staff and parents spend hours filling out forms, copying documents and keying in data by hand. And when it comes time for re-enrollment, they have to do it over again. With registration projected to annually increase by 4 percent – and cost-per-student by 8 percent – through 2014, the problem has never been more acute.

Fortunately, there’s a better way: Registration Gateway, the only paperless solution that streamlines both new student registration and re-enrollment and integrates fully with existing student information systems.

There are improvements for everyone involved with K-12 administration:

For superintendents

Registration Gateway increases funding opportunities by automatically capturing and sorting the most accurate data relating to programs like the National School Lunch Program and Title I. It also minimizes school districts’ legal exposure by simplifying compliance with state and federal regulations.

Registration Gateway in action:

  • Schedule meetings with specialists (such as IEP or ESL) during registration.
  • Send reminders for medical and other forms without human intervention.
  • Route and store student records automatically in your content management system.

For registrars and administrators

By shifting the bulk of data entry to parents, Registration Gateway significantly reduces the time school staff spends registering and re-enrolling students. And error rates are slashed because information is entered once and automatically integrated into the existing student information system.

For IT staff

Because it’s a configurable, web-based application, Registration Gateway allows districts to leverage their existing investment in equipment, hardware, SIS or content management systems. The solution’s scalable functionality means it can be expanded to improve nearly any district process – such as HR on-boarding or contract management – freeing up IT budgets and personnel.


Registration Gateway

HR Gateway

  • Saves countless hours and reduces expenses for school districts
  • Integrates with any Student Information System (SIS)
  • Guarantees compliance and increased security.
  • Provides an immediate time savings by digitizing the student registration process.
  • Key documents are accurately scanned, routed and shared.
  • Missing documents are book marked and reminders are sent out

  • Track applications, resumes and teacher contracts
  • Implement and track mandatory staff training
  • Certification and evaluation tracking
  • Key documents are accurately scanned, routed and shared.
  • No more lost of misplaced documents
  • Leverage IT and Admin budgets with the same easy-to-use platform as Registration Gateway
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