For more than a decade, SRC Solutions has been the gateway to savings and compliance for a variety of industries—with out-of-the-box, highly configurable solutions.

SRC Solutions—
Where Process
Meets Technology

To meet the demands of today’s private and public sector, the SRC Gateway Platform completely automates manual processes, helping organizations to become more profitable.

Mitigate risk associated with lost or missing documentation, inaccurate data or reporting, and adhere to federal regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and others with SRC Solutions.

K-12 / Education

Registration Gateway offers K-12 schools a powerful tool for online student registration and re-enrollment that integrates fully with existing student information systems.

Technical Schools

Registration Gateway empowers students to initiate technical school enrollment online—directly with the school of their interest, saving the district time and money.

Corporate & Legal

Registration Gateway offers a variety of solutions that can save your company time and improve your ability to share information with any audience – even globally.


Only Registration Gateway has the breadth of services and experience to rein in complicated procedures and processes and put valuable time back in the hands of your team.

Associations & Organizations

Registration Gateway offers a variety of services saving associations time and money while improving the way member information is managed and delivered.

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