Central Records Gateway Interactive Demonstration

Simply login below to begin to experience what your district could look like with Electronic Cumulative Folders providing administrator or parent/student access with Central Records Gateway from SRC Solutions. To view cumulative folder access as an administrator, login with username admin1 and password admin1. Type the last name Bagwell into the search box. You can also perform more advanced searches by clicking on the advanced button. To login as a parent use jbagwell as the username and admin1 as the password.

Fill out the form below to learn more about how Central Records Gateway can be set up for your school district.  Central Records Gateway is designed to be administered by school districts without the need to engage SRC Solution anytime a change needs to be made to the Cumulative Folders. Central Records is completely self serve and eliminates the risks associated with FERPA access, physical damage and the prying eyes that are threats in the paper cumulative folder era.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief demonstration. Please fill out the form below to be contacted for a full demonstration.

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