Since 2001, SRC Solutions has been your gateway to time and cost savings. SRC improves your processes and increases efficiencies by eliminating paper and building custom workflows with business rules. Everything from school registration to human resources onboarding is made easier with Registration Gateway and the rest of our Gateway Product Suite—where process meets technology.

Registration Gateway

Registration Gateway

The only true paperless solution of its kind, Registration Gateway streamlines K-12 student registration, re-enrollment and information tracking into a simple, intuitive process. By digitizing and automatically integrating data into existing student information systems, Registration Gateway saves money and increases compliance.

Address Purification Gateway

Saving money is at the forefront of every school board discussion. Now ensure only those students eligible to attend your district are the ones attending with SRC Solutions Address Purification Gateway.

Registration Gateway Backfile Scanning Module

If your school has implemented Registration Gateway, your new student enrollment information is already flowing seamlessly into your student information system. But what about all those legacy paper records? That's where SRC's Backfile Scanning Module comes in.

School Choice/Open Enrollment Gateway

Building off the advantages already offered by Registration Gateway, School Choice/Open Enrollment Gateway is the only school selection solution to feature a built-in rules engine—enabling administrators to adjust or change rules in-house.

Human Resources Gateway

Human Resource Gateway is a configurable, web-based application that streamlines HR on-boarding and the reporting required by state and federal mandates. The open-ended solution, integrates with any document management or content management system as well as any financial system.

FRPL Gateway

There is no shortage of data in our education system. Many districts, however, are not adequately managing student data. Worse still, districts are not properly leveraging the data that can provide them with much needed funding.

Discipline Gateway

Tracking discipline actions and sharing information to the appropriate teachers, administrators and staff has long been an issue at most school districts. Now Discipline Gateway helps you track actions while mitigating your district's legal risk.

Forms Gateway

Forms Gateway is an online data collection tool configured for any form used by your organization. Available for a variety of vertical markets – including education, city/state government and healthcare – Forms Gateway streamlines the time consuming, error prone data entry, enabling any business process to operate at maximum efficiencies.