Discipline Gateway

Tracking discipline actions and sharing information to the appropriate teachers, administrators and staff has long been an issue at most school districts. Now Discipline Gateway helps you track actions while mitigating your district’s legal risk.

How it works

Teachers who need to report a student behavior problem will log into Discipline Gateway via a secure website to create a report. Once a report has been submitted, Discipline Gateway sends a notification to the Dean (or whoever is in charge of discipline) that a new discipline case has been created. The Dean can then easily log into the system and processes the case. Simultaneously, the information is sent to your SIS and the actual PDF report is archived electronically. Anyone with access can check the status of a discipline case. We also provide advance reporting capabilities for superintendents, principals and disciplinarians.

Discipline Gateway Advantage

Discipline Gateway is 100 percent configurable to mirror your current paper process. If desired, the experts at SRC Solutions can also help you improve (re-engineer) the process.

All Gateway products are designed to work together to maximize your efficiency and minimize costs.

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