Fair Housing Gateway

Audits may be unavoidable but housing compliance doesn’t have to be. ¬†Fair Housing Gateway by SRC Solutions enables your housing authority automate the application and determination process.

From application intake to housing selection to final determination Fair Housing Gateway is the answer.

Application Intake

  • Applicants now complete the necessarily paper work online which is then date stamped and validated.
  • Precious housing authority resources can now be re-allocated toward other processes.

Housing Applicability

  • Fair Housing Gateway can combine any number of eligibility criteria including disability, veteran status, vouchers, domestic abuse etc…
  • Housing administrators are able to see real-time reporting on any criteria parameter.

Eligibility Determination

  • Applicants can now be automatically notified of their housing determination.
  • Applicants can view an online wait list to determine their position on the list.
  • All application documents are electronically archived for full audit review.

Click here to download brochure (PDF)

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