Gateway Capture

What is Gateway Capture?

Gateway Capture is one of six Gateway Suite modules aimed at improving district workflow. Gateway Capture tackles the liability and error prone process of document collection and retention. Gateway Capture is an intuitive application that resides on your district multifunction scanning device, allowing direct conveyance into Electronic Cumulative Folder scanning.

Gateway Capture is a complementary module that works in tandem with Registration Gateway,  Central Records Gateway, or Human Resources Gateway.

What does Gateway Capture do for your district? 

Gateway Capture provides the ability for schools to digitize existing records and place them directly into record management applications such as Electronic Cumulative Folders within Central Records Gateway or Human Resources Gateway.  This combined solution eliminates the sifting of papers, so that school employees can upload an individual’s or a whole grade’s worth of student information at the click of a button.

Manual record filing exposes your district to undue liability and wasted time. If your district document strategy was to be audited for completeness, security, and compliance, a digital solution like Gateway Capture is the simplest and  most cost-effective way to evade any legislative issues like FERPA or HIPAA. Gateway Capture ensures that all digital student data has been organized and filed in  the most meticulous manner, guaranteeing ease in finding the files, and minimizing legal risks associated with maintaining physical student information.

Gateway Capture is synonymous with advanced document capture and archival. Essentially, Gateway Capture transfers student information from the moment it’s scanned into the Electronic Cumulative Folder, where the student’s file exists in its entirety (medical information, report cards, proof of address documentation, etc.). This saves tons of time for school staff and also gives them assurance that every bit of information has been transported into the system properly and thoroughly.

Here’s what Gateway Capture can do:

  • Provide unparalleled permissioning across your district for document access.
  • Provide individual or batch information directly to student folder document scanning.
  • Eliminate the costly and unreliable browse and upload approach to document retention and management.
  • Automate the communication of new documents added to a student record when combined with SRC Solutions’ Document Management Offerings.

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What are the benefits? 

Combined, the Gateway Suite Modules can save school districts thousands of dollars that can be put back into the classroom. Alone, Gateway Capture is directly integrated into your school or district’s multi function printing devices.  Simply enter the student ID and scan documents directly to the student’s Central Records Gateway cumulative folder or Registration Gateway Premium student record.

Here are some big benefits of Gateway Capture:

  • Reallocates staff time to increase productivity and:  A school secretary that uses Gateway Capture no longer has to spend time standing in front filing cabinet organizing paper documents. The institution no longer has to take on additional staff to handle daunting and menial tasks associated with student paperwork. The institution also gets the most bang for its buck in the form of staff salaries; their time can be better spent on more important endeavors than searching for lost documents or filing thousands of student documents.
  • Increases ROI of existing Gateway Suite Solutions: Schools using Registration Gateway, Central Records Gateway or Human Resources Gateway can boost their ROI by integrating Gateway Capture.
  • Ensures document filing accuracy and totality: Gateway Capture protects important documents from misplacement by automating it’s existence within the correct student file.


Here are some commonly asked questions about Gateway Capture:

  • Can Gateway Capture be used for other documents? In addition to student files, Gateway Capture can scan records for other school departments including human resources, administration and transportation.
  • Is it compliant with federal and state regulations? Yes. Gateway Capture is flexible to adapt to the needs of your district processes relating to state and federal government. In fact, it makes legislative compliance even easier.
  • What if there’s a disaster? In the event of a natural disaster, schools can count on a solid backup plan with Gateway Capture. Files are digitally stored, which means they’re not vulnerable to damage from fire, floods and theft.



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