Registration Gateway Backfile Scanning Module

If your school has implemented Registration Gateway, your new student enrollment information is already flowing seamlessly into your Student Information System.

The Backfile Scanning Module for Registration Gateway is fast to learn, easy to use and fully compliant with all state and federal regulations.

But what about the thousands of legacy paper records stored in all those filing cabinets and closets? While new registrations and re-enrollments are being processed automatically, all the critical data in those old files is locked away in hard copies, searchable and accessible only by hand.

That’s a problem.

SRC Solutions has the answer: Backfile Scanning Module for Registration Gateway

With the Backfile Scanning Module for Registration Gateway, users can access 100 percent of their student information with the click of a mouse – even documentation completed under traditional, paper-based systems – using SRC Solutions’ intuitive, web-based interface.

The Backfile Scanning Module utilizes school districts’ existing scanning equipment and state-of-the-art imaging software, eliminating costly outsourcing fees and allowing users to take full advantage of the powerful Registration Gateway system.


Backfile Scanning Module: Unlocking the full potential of Registration Gateway

  • Comprehensive data access: Enjoy an electronic dashboard of your entire student population with the click of a mouse.
  • Disaster planning: With all student records digitally archived, school districts can stop worrying about the threat of flooding, fire and theft.
  • Increased security: Documents and personal information are accessible 24/7 – but only to employees with the correct level of access.
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