Safe Kids Gateway

What is Safe Kids Gateway?

Safe Kids Gateway is a solution born from the need for a uniform solution to capture volunteer and employee safety clearances in schools, towns, camps and sports. Safe Kids Gateway provides your company, school or organization a simple and effective way to clear employees and volunteers through what is today a cumbersome, ineffective and unsecured paper process. Safe Kids Gateway manages the information intake, approvals, notification and record tracking.

What does Safe Kids Gateway do for your organization? 

Do you know when every one of your employee or volunteer clearances expire?

When do your background checks on file have to be renewed?

Do you know what employees and volunteers have not yet completed your clearance process?

Here’s what Safe Kids Gateway can do:

  • Provide a uniform employee and volunteer clearance process
  • Allow employees and volunteers to upload required clearance documents
  • Eliminate human error by following a simple yes/no approval process
  • Manage upcoming clearance expiration as well as track missing clearances
  • Provide clearance reporting at a moment’s notice.
  • Assist in clearance compliance and the local, state and federal level

Keep_Kids_Safe screen collage

What are the benefits? 

Clarity, Piece of Mind and Reduced Liability are three just to name a few.  Visibility to and the ability to mitigate your organization’s exposure is key and cannot be accomplished with traditional paper tracking methods



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