Scan Gateway

Gateway Scan is a complementary module that works in tandem with Registration Gateway, Central Records Gateway, or Human Resources Gateway. Gateway Scan stores and secures student or staff records, making them easily retrievable. Learn more about Gateway Scan’s extensive features and benefits.

What does Gateway Scan do? 

Gateway Scan provides the ability for schools to digitize existing records and place them into record management applications such as Registration Gateway, Central Records Gateway or Human Resources Gateway.  This combined solution eliminates the sifting of papers, school employees can call up an individual’s information at the click of a button.

In short, Gateway Scan is a simple and cost-effective way to digitize student and staff documentation. The searchable digital information is safe and secure, minimizing legal risks associated with maintaining physical student information. Ease of use is key taking just minutes to learn.

Using a state-of-the-art integrated imaging application, an employee can scan student or staff files in seconds. Because the process is so simple, no extensive training is necessary. Moreover, schools don’t have to invest in new equipment to start using Gateway Scan. The solution is scalable to a school’s existing scanning equipment. A few indexing prompts maintains consistency in student records, which decreases errors, boosting a school’s level of compliance.

Here’s what Gateway Scan can do:

  • Indexes student paperwork: Gateway Scan digitizes student records, which means employees no longer have to search file cabinets to gather a student’s paper records. Full security is added to each document.
  • Frees up physical space: Hard files take up a generous portion of a room, but digital files eliminate the need for this space. This means schools can use the extra physical space to store other school supplies or for a myriad of other purposes.
  • Allows for new roles: Because paper documents become obsolete with Gateway Scan, schools can make room for new roles, delegating other tasks to the employees who’ve once managed paper documents.
  • Improves district-wide reporting: Gateway Scan increases accuracy and district-wide reporting, putting schools in a better position to achieve FERPA compliance.

What are the benefits? 

Combined, these features can save school districts thousands of dollars that can be put back into the classroom.

Here are some big benefits of Gateway Scan:

  • Saves money: Implementing a paperless solution can save districts a fortune. For example, a school that uses Gateway Scan no longer has to pay storage costs for paper documents. Additionally, the institution no longer has to hire staff to handle daunting and menial tasks associated with student paperwork.
  • Increases ROI of existing Gateway Suite Solutions: Schools using Registration Gateway, Central Records Gateway or Human Resources Gateway can boost their ROI by integrating Gateway Scan.
  • Secures access: Gateway Scan protects important documents from data theft by utilizing the advanced security permissions within Registration Gateway, Central Records Gateway and/or Human Resources Gateway.


Here are some commonly asked questions about Scan Gateway:

  • Can Scan Gateway be used for other documents? In addition to student files, Scan Gateway can scan records for other school departments including human resources, administration and transportation.
  • Is it compliant with federal and state regulations? Yes. Scan Gateway is flexible to adapt to the needs of your district processes relating to state and federal government.
  • What if there’s a disaster? In the event of a natural disaster, schools can count on a solid backup plan with Scan Gateway. Files are digitally stored, which means they’re not vulnerable to damage from fire, floods and theft.



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