Dare to Compare: Registration Gateway

Taking student registration, re-enrollment and information gathering online can significantly reduce your district’s expenses – but only if you’re using the right application.

When it comes to choosing an online student registration and re-enrollment solution, data integrity and integration are critical. Registration Gateway has the ability to consistently deliver both, providing school districts with significant cost savings, new funding opportunities, reduced legal exposure and more.

Registration Gateway is the only Online Enrollment solution to win the District Administrator Top 100 Products award for 2014 and 2015.

DA_top100_2014v2                                         Registration Gateway Top 100 Online Student Enrollment


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Key functionality Registration Gateway Competitor
Automatic, immediate data flow from registration solution to SIS Yes No
Support for complex business rules and processes Yes No
Absolutely no paper necessary Yes No
Type Ahead Addressing eliminating errors Yes No
Intelligent Field Masks making data entry simple and correct the first time Yes No

Registration Gateway provides best-in-breed processes customized to each district’s unique needs.

  • Registration Gateway gathers a complete set of student data cleanly, then automatically formats it and passes it to any leading SIS – all without any interaction by IT staffers. Once a registration has been approved, student information is available for registrar use within seconds.
  • If your current enrollment process requires you to clean the data to make it look the way you want, isn’t that defeating the purpose of Online Enrollment with clean data in the first place.

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Why Registration Gateway?

Do it Right the First Time or don’t do it at all is our motto.  We don’t simply take your paper forms and develop an online version with little to no intelligence.  The Registration Gateway process takes the time to obtain a 360 degree view of your existing registration process and modify that process into a more efficient online registration and document management solution.

A Midwestern school district initially made the move to online registration and re-enrollment using a competitor’s software. It was just two years before they switched to Registration Gateway. Their Director of Technology told us why.

“The major reason for the change to Registration Gateway was a desire to improve efficiency at levels. We use a data-driven decision model at all levels, and we need a registration solution that seamlessly moves data from the registration portal into our SIS without the direct involvement of IT staff. Registration Gateway provides this experience through their workflow processes; the competitor we used required several user intervention steps to do the same thing.”

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