Case Studies & White Papers

SRC Solutions is the Gateway to savings and efficiency for many organizations. Below find a collection of white papers, success stories and guest articles.

A Smart Way to Do More with Less

With school budget cuts rolling across the country, and even more looming, administrators are frantically seeking new ways to do more and more with less and less By Bob Anthony Read More

School Choice: Using Lotteries to keep it “Fair:”

School Choice: Using Lotteries to keep it "Fair:" This white paper tackles the tough subjects such as choice and lottery definitions, the ideas behind choice, challenges of running choice and lottery and the need and solution to transparency issues. Read More

Connecting Data to Funding – White Paper

There is no shortage of data in our education system. Many districts, however, are not adequately managing student data. Worse still, districts are not properly leveraging the data that can provide them with much needed funding. This paper provides an overview of the relationship between student information, data capture and reporting, and the potential for increased federal funding. Read More

Online Registration: Seven Things School Staffs Need to Know

Taking student registrations and re-enrollments online can significantly reduce the time and expense of the process – but only if you’re using the right software. Can your solution provide clean, accurate data and minimize your legal exposure? Read More

SRC Solutions and the Arkansas Department of County Operations

The Arkansas Department of County Operations (DCO), with 85 decentralized offices, processes the Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other cash benefits for the entire state. The DCO is a busy organization—handling more thanREAD MORE Read More

Walled Lake Consolidated School District Case Study (Skyward User)

About Walled Lake Walled Lake Consolidated School District is located 35 miles east of Detroit in Oakland County, Michigan. The district has 14 elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools. Walled Lake has aREAD MORE Read More

West Orange Public Schools (PowerSchool User)

The West Orange Public Schools consist of 11 school buildings in West Orange, New Jersey. There students have access to more Advanced Placement courses than many surrounding districts. Courses in the culinary arts, advertising and graphic arts and technical education are available. Several shifts of late buses afford West Orange students the opportunity to participate in athletics, music, drama and more than 40 extra-curricular clubs. Read More

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