Realize Dramatic Cost & Time Savings from Day 1 with Registration Gateway Online Student Registration


Registration Gateway online student registration software from SRC Solutions dramatically simplifies K-12 registration and re-enrollment, saving districts across the country tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of work hours, every year.

The Registration Gateway online student registration difference begins at enrollment, when parents enter critical information at any internet-connected computer – at home, at work or at a school kiosk. Supporting documents, like birth certificates and driver’s licenses, are scanned directly into the student’s digital folder, and reminders for parents to supply missing information are automatically distributed. What was a two-hour process is reduced to minutes.

After registration, student data is automatically integrated into the district’s student information system, including Skyward, PowerSchool and others.

With Registration Gateway online student registration software:

  • The registration and re-enrollment process is completely paperless, eliminating errors caused by manual data entry and saving valuable storage space.
  • Districts save immediately by eliminating the need for expensive temps and easing the registration season burden on full-time staff, then save long-term due to vastly eased student information retrieval.
  • Parents never again need to stand in long registration lines.

Imagine easy, orderly registration and re-enrollment days. Imagine the end of lost or misfiled student documents. Imagine all that filing cabinet space, open for use. Imagine perfect compliance, resulting in increased funding opportunities and mitigated legal exposure. Imagine a smarter school district. That’s Registration Gateway.

Registration Gateway in Action: Nixa (Mo.) Public Schools Nixa

Until the 2011-12 school year, Nixa (Mo.) Public Schools handled student registration and re-enrollment the old-fashioned way: Parents stood in line to fill out paper forms, which were then manually entered into district’s PowerSchool SIS by district staffers and temps.

It was inefficient, time-consuming and costly. But all that changed when Nixa adopted Registration Gateway online registration software.

Today, parents enter registration and re-enrollment information just once, regardless of how many children they have in the district. There’s no paper, and no manual data entry for the registrar’s office. 

Nixa Public Schools have seen multiple benefits from Registration Gateway, including:

  • Dramatic cost savings stemming from reduced burdens on staff and increased efficiency
  • Improved student information accuracy and consistency
  • Happier parents and guardians
  • Mitigated need for paper student file storage
  • A distinct increase in federal funding, due to improved RFPL reporting

Save money, save time and increase student information accuracy with Registration Gateway. Use the form at top right to instantly calculate your potential annual savings! 

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