In addition to our core Gateway product line, we offer a variety of custom document management, content management and records management solutions. For more information about any of our integration services please contact us.

Content Management

SRC Content Management improves the way organizations of all sizes use their documents and data to their fullest benefit. How well you make use of the data generated by your knowledge workers directly correlates to your long-term competitive advantage. It also correlates to the number of man-hours used or wasted, productivity and hard physical costs.

Records Management

SRC Records Management identifies, classifies, archives and preserves/destroys records as needed. For organizations of all sizes and types, improved records management provides increased operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Document Imaging / Conversion Services

SRC Document Imaging / Conversion Services will unlock the true value of the information contained in your files. Paper files, engineering drawings, microfilm and microfiche all contain valuable information. But in a hard copy format, this information is “locked”—tied to time-consuming work processes and is increasingly expensive to create, distribute, share and store. SRC can convert any hard copy data to digital format for easy storage and lightning-fast retrieval.

Business Process Re-Engineering

SRC Business Process Re-Engineering increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that exist within and across organizations. SRC’s team of experts has helped countless organizations do more with less—dramatically saving time and money in the process.

Workflow Automation

SRC Workflow Automation maps business processes to tools which reduce the number of manual tasks needed to complete those processes. Workflow Automation is also used to enforce Standard Operating Procedures and is often coupled with Business Process Reengineering. Workflow is an integral part of document management and imaging software.

E-Forms with Blackberry Support

SRC Electronic Forms provide an exciting alternative to traditional paper forms. With e-forms, information is collected in a consistent, legible form which can easily be stored in a database or PDF file. Coupled with SRC Workflow Automation, electronic forms are a key component of business process re-engineering. And with built-in Blackberry support, forms can be reviewed and approved anytime, anywhere.

Accounts Payable Automation

SRC Accounts Payable Automation takes the drudgery, risk and error out of paying bills. Paper invoices present a persistent content management challenge. Invoices arriving on different days, from different vendors, in different formats all need to be organized and paid on time. By capturing and cataloging these documents, accounts payable automation simplifies and expedites bill-paying.

Hosted Services

SRC Hosted Services are specifically designed for organizations that want the benefits of content and records management, but do not have the resources or inclination to host these systems internally.

Paperless Agendas

SRC Paperless Agendas enable businesses to hold highly effective meetings—particularly council and board meetings. With agenda items coming from many contributors and requiring supporting documentation, compiling and distributing agendas can be a full-time job. With SRC, business meetings can focus more on productivity—and less on compiling the agenda.

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