Technical Schools

Removing the barriers to enrollment.

Registration Gateway empowers students to initiate technical school enrollment online—directly with the school of their interest, saving the district time and money.

Many vocational and technical schools rely heavily on high school guidance departments to shepherd prospective students through the application process. Registration Gateway removes this dependency by empowering the students themselves to initiate the technical school enrollment process online—directly with the school of their interest.

The Registration Gateway Solution

Registration Gateway increases enrollment, savings, efficiency and funding opportunities for vocational school administration and students. The system’s open-ended application and enrollment modules remove the existing barriers between post-secondary schools and their prospective students.

Secure. Central. Easy-to-use.

Registration Gateway simplifies enrollment by enabling prospective students to register information via the Internet. Streamline the integration of new applicants into your existing student databases and systems. Requests for grades, transcripts and discipline records are now automated in a secure and authorized electronic environment.

Registration Gateway also enables technical schools to increase funding opportunities and mitigate legal risks by ensuring compliance and rapid access to critical data. In addition, eliminate uncontrolled and incomplete documents that cause wasteful delays and rework for administrative staff.

Download Technical School Enrollment Datasheet

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