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School Districts and New Technology: Why Wait?

Many districts are still stuck using old technology.  WHY wait?  The answer is not what you think.

There’s mounting pressure today to obtain new technology but it’s very slow to adopt.  Why is that?  Is it due to an increase in cost?


The slow adoption of new technology in districts is mostly due to the worry of implementation problems, according to an article in Forbes, Sept. 2014.  Fear of uncertainty is real.  But spending quality time in making informed purchasing decisions assists in making a smooth transition to digital technology.    “Technology cannot replace the human element to a child’s learning,” according to the NASBE study group. “Teachers, not technological devices, help students develop the behaviors, skills, and content knowledge needed to succeed post-graduation.”  That being said, new technology adoption is not something to delay.  It holds much promise to more informed students.  With the assistance of well-versed technology partners can make what appears to be a scary process into a fun and effective way to educate students.

If you do your ‘homework’ and find out what the actual concerns are for the district, schools, and teachers, the implementation of new technology can be nothing short of exciting.

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