Is it Easy Going Green?

Budget crunches in school districts is a common topic in the news today.  Another common theme is avoiding waste and being eco-friendly.  With Earth Day quickly approaching, working on implementing a green initiative in your district can start now. Here’s a list of simple solutions your districts can implement to run an environmentally friendly and cost-saving environment.

  • Reduce paper by implementing digital communication tools, along with cloud-based storage for record keeping.  All school forms can be made paperless – it’s much more efficient.
  • Use daylight instead of costly overhead lighting, when possible.  Change lighting to LED bulbs – they not only provide a better quality of light, but they also use less electricity
  • Promote recycling.  Placing recycling bins throughout your districts will make a difference.  Convenience is key.

While working with your community, employees and volunteers on creating a sustainable environment may seem like a tremendous task, it’s really not as challenging as facing the burden of running out of valuable resources within and outside your district.

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