Poor Conditions in US Schools: Affecting Quality Education?

Many US schools are suffering with poor physical conditions and subsequently affecting quality education.

From interruption of classes due to failing heat or air conditioning systems to lack of valuable teachers who aren’t willing to endure these conditions, should not be ignored.  It affects students’ rights to quality education.

This problem is not a new one.  In a 1996 report by the Government Accountability Office found that schools in “unsatisfactory physical and environmental condition” were “concentrated in central cities and serve large populations of poor or minority students.”  From crumbling buildings, unclean surroundings, toxic materials, is just a short list of what is going on inside lower income areas.

It is up to the state and local levels to address the problem and they have demonstrated their desire to assist.  That being said, assisting in purchasing supplies for the classrooms won’t help the deteriorating infrastructure in these school districts.

There is hope.  Congress now has an opportunity to have a positive effect for this problem. The House has begun hearings on the Rebuild America’s School Act of 2019.  The bill would invest $100 billion over 10 years in fixing America’s public schools.  This is an exciting time where we can make progress in eliminating toxic school environments in our communities.

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