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What is Your Waste Reduction Plan?

According to NYC Government, a district with 10,000 students, teachers & staff, amounts to 28,000,000 sheets of paper.  How can you reduce waste and reduce garbage disposal while decreasing costs?

Sometimes, recycling is forgotten. Sometimes, recycling just isn’t enough. If you’re wondering how to decrease your districts’ waste, create a plan and work the plan with multiple reminders that there’s only one Earth! 

  • See if the cafeterias can use reusable lunch trays
  • Print double-sided
  • Remind students to write on both pages/or print on both sides
  • Eliminate or reduce handouts – utilize your technology with whiteboards!
  • Buy longer lasting durable supplies for the district.

Setting forth an operation for waste reduction in your district will prove beneficial to everyone. A reminder set forth for what can be recycled always initiates adaptation. For example, making posters that state paper and cardboard, plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans and other drink containers are recyclable.

Good luck and have a less wasteful school year!

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