Testimonials - Registration Gateway
Brian Hightower

Brian Hightower Superintendent, Cherokee County School District (GA)


[Registration Gateway] has been a great success in its first month, with thousands of kindergartners already signed up and ready to go for the first day of school. This new system not only is easier for parents to use, it also significantly improves our staff efficiency, increases the accuracy of important information and decreases our paper waste. We’re excited about this next phase, and looking forward to opening the system to all returning CCSD families this summer to replace that dreaded stack of paper ‘first-day forms.’”

Karen Gabay

Karen Gabay Enrollment Specialist, Westerville City Schools (OH)


This has been an amazing system for us. People want to be us because of the way [Registration Gateway] works and how seamless it is.

Cheryl Todd

Cheryl Todd Registrar, Octorara Area School District (PA)


Registration Gateway streamlines the entering of student information into our student information system, PowerSchool. We are saving a tremendous amount of time, for both parents and staff. The savings of time for staff allows them to focus on other areas of their jobs and creates better efficiencies.

Alana McCloskey

Alana McCloskey Morton Grove School District 70 (IL)


It used to take me days to enter all of the information for our incoming kindergarten students. I probably spent about 30-40 minutes completing a single student’s registration. Many hours of time is saved by having the parents do all of the data entry, and there's less of a chance for data entry error. After review, the file is sealed and all information is effortlessly moved over to PowerSchool. An entire registration, from parent to PowerSchool, takes less than 15 minutes.

Sally Tucker

Sally Tucker Assistant Business Manager, Solanco School District (PA)


Registration Gateway has saved time for our school district in a couple of different ways. Parents of our district’s students have the option of enrolling online, which saves us time at the physical registration appointment, and also eliminates data entry for our registrars. Not having to decipher parents’ handwriting and other improvements to data accuracy also expedite the registration process.

Peter Lutchko

Peter Lutchko Registrar, Millburn Township Public Schools (NJ)


What makes Registration Gateway stand apart from other online solutions is the breadth to which SRC Solutions can customize a school’s program. Technical staff at SRC and Millburn work very closely in order to provide the most efficient implementation of Registration Gateway. Because the program can be tailored to solve any and all registration issues that stem from using paper, the program can morph to fit the needs of any individual student or parent.

Brian Brugger

Brian Brugger Senior Systems Administrator, Eagle County Schools (CO)


Registration Gateway expertly led our transition from a paper-oriented registration system to a digital, online oriented system, saving our registrars and parents significant time and frustration. Implementation and launch was on-time and seamless. I highly recommend Registration Gateway to any school system thinking about modernizing their registration process. We are looking forward to the additional functionality of the forthcoming Eagle County Schools ScanSite and how it will streamline our daily functions around electronic student records. We’re especially excited about the ability to upload documents in an organized and consistent manner.

Christopher Fisher

Christopher Fisher Assistant to the Superintendent for Professional & Support services, Pleasant Valley School District (PA)


Registration was the responsibility of each building in the district, which was a paperwork nightmare. And once we had all the students’ paperwork in our hands, it had to be disseminated to the schools. It took a day to receive the paperwork and then another day to get it to the appropriate school. Now we have a district-wide registration process that happens in one office - making information consistent. Before, data wasn’t consistent and that made searching for a particular student difficult. Our goal was to get students and parents into the building as fast as we could. The real-time integration of Registration Gateway allows us to work with the student and the parent to coordinate a schedule at the same time that the student is registering.

Dr. Jeffry Nietz

Dr. Jeffry Nietz Student Information Systems Administrator, Hazleton Area School District (PA)


The Registration Gateway system is a huge help for us. The registration secretary doesn’t have to enter 16 pages of information per student into PowerSchool anymore. For families with three or four kids, that would have been hours of work before they could start school. Now, those delays are much shorter and data is error-free. That’s good for parents, good for school staff – and good for taxpayers. Parents love it, and my registrars love it. The staff at SRC has been tremendous in communicating with us, helping get Registration Gateway set up right and pushing us to get done with what we needed to do to meet our timetable.

Krista Lilley

Krista Lilley CIO, Cedar Springs Public Schools (MI)


We chose SRC because it seemed to be a step ahead of the competition, with greater automation and less manual intervention to move student data between systems,” The DocuShare system was an added bonus beyond what we were initially looking for. We ultimately intend to expand our DocuShare use to replace our physical student record files. Our staff loves the immediate notification for new students, as well as having the automatic calling feature reminding parents of needed documents. Our secretaries like having the student data automatically filled into our SIS automatically and immediately. The system has been working reliably and the implementation staff at SRC has been great to work with; they’ve been open to making sure the paperless registration system is meeting our needs. I’m encouraged by the rapid development of the product and the listening ear of the company for future enhancements.

Holly Russo

Holly Russo Registrar, Portland Public Schools (CT)


“Registration Gateway allows me to complete a new student registration in half the time. The returning student site will eliminate the tedious steps that each school does now sifting through emergency cards reviewing data that needs to be updated. This process will be smoother and create an accurate student information system.”

Jean McMullen

Jean McMullen Technical Support Specialist, Fort Mill School District (SC)


We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Kindergarten parents. We put the web link out on our main page and 75 families found it and registered before we even made the announcement that the site was open. We did a phone/ email blast, and within the first 2 hours, we have over 300 students registered.

George Gatsis

George Gatsis Senior Vice President of Technology Platforms, Follett School Solutions


Registration Gateway is the only provider to truly offer a system that can begin at the school of choice or lottery process, then take the parent experience to Online Registration and finally to Electronic Cumulative Folders. A true workflow engine, and not just a simple static forms package.

Lindsay Sessions

Lindsay Sessions Application Support Specialist, ELANCO School District (PA)


We just finished kindergarten registration, and we averaged between 3 and 5 minutes per new student enrollment – compared to 30 with paper. Not only did it go faster, but it immediately gave principals an estimate of how many students would be in next year’s kindergarten class. In the past, they didn’t get that information until the end of summer.

Paula Yohe

Paula Yohe Director of Technology and Information Systems, Dillon Four School District (SC)

Registration Gateway provides simplicity and flexibility for our parents and staff. No other Online Registration solution could offer this for our district. Registration Gateway provides a clear start to finish process for the parents with auto save on each page of the process. In the past, we would end up with missing information and that was very frustrating for our registrars. They would get to the end of a registration and find that they were missing 20-30 missed items that we must have. Getting parents to come back to complete the process was frustrating. With Registration Gateway this is never an issue. We can get the information that we need and we can make fields required that we absolutely must have. Dillon School District Four is actively using Registration Gateway for our student registrations and parents are thrilled. We just had a pre-enrollment for kindergarten and we have all the information we need even for our state Early Childhood information.

Dawn Zatorski

Dawn Zatorski Student Registration Coordinator, Lebanon (PA)


The amount of time between enrollment and starting school, for students, has been greatly reduced. This is because we get better quality data in the first place by being able to sidestep deciphering parent handwriting, and because it forces the parents to fill out everything we need without skipping any questions. It also substantially reduced the amount of time parents have to spend in the office. The whole process of getting the student data from paper enrollment forms into PowerSchool has been completely stamped out, because of Registration Gateway’s data flow integration with our student information system. The data is simply uploaded to PowerSchool within moments after parent completion and administrator approval. All these cut backs have enabled us to enroll students and get them into classes much quicker.

Francisco Felix

Francisco Felix Director of Technology, Orange County Educational Arts Academy (CA)


We are glad we changed vendors and selected SRC. The difference between the previous vendor and SRC is like night and day. SRC Solutions is absolutely great and we love working with them. The capability and expertise of the Project Management team at SRC Solutions is impressive. The Deployment and implementation methodology is very logical and leaves little room for mistakes. The team knows what to do each and every step of the way, and if for some reason a new challenge pops up, they are quick to resolve and incorporate the solution into their process.

Barbara Leaf

Barbara Leaf Student Services Manager, Walled Lake Schools (MI)

Before we started using Registration Gateway, it sometimes took days to locate certain student documents. Now, it takes a couple of minutes.

Jill Rogers

Jill Rogers Information Technology Services, Englewood Schools (CO)


It is very cool to see all this information populated in PowerSchool!

Cathy Monroe

Cathy Monroe Executive Secretary, Vermilion Local Schools


SRC Solutions support staff has been wonderful, patient and thorough…a pleasure to work with.

Kathleen Verhest

Kathleen Verhest Director of Technology, Brunswick City Schools (OH)


Our enrollment projections, especially for kindergarten, are more accurate because of the immediate integration with Progress Book and our reports from Registration Gateway. These reports are also essential to staffing the schools appropriately. Live integration into ProgressBook gets the new student information to us immediately; thus each school building is able to schedule the student into classes within 24-48 hours. Our goal is always to get the student in classes as soon as possible.

Christine Potenza

Christine Potenza Database Administrator, Passaic County Technical Institute (NJ)


We really like the export functionality. We used it a lot when we started having applications come in. But, it being our first year using Registration Gateway, I was nervous when my planned two week vacation landed on our launch date. In order to prepare, I created a few reports and scheduled an export to send to the necessary personnel first thing in the morning every day during my absence. This allowed for all involved departments and operations to run smoothly without missing a beat. It was really helpful!

Tina Bingman

Tina Bingman PowerSchool Administrator, Garfield School District (CO)


Our District has saved money by saving time. The amount of time that our registrars take to update information each year alone for returning students was costing us a huge amount in overtime costs. Especially since this work most often could only be done at the end of the work day. We also noticed a reduction in paper costs and manpower in assembling ‘packets’ to go home or for new enrollees. Our enrollment process is now streamlined and looks the same for all 10 of our schools. No more 42 paper enrollment packets!

Davida Pesick

Davida Pesick Skyward SIS Manager, Walled Lake School District (MI)


This is the only true paperless registration system. Skyward’s integration with the Registration Gateway system has been a wonderful addition for Walled Lake Consolidated School District. The effective and efficient way our parents can register new students has saved both time and money for the district. It has helped with the accuracy of data that is entered into Skyward.”

Carolyn Frazier

Carolyn Frazier Core Data Coordinator, Nixa Public Schools (MO)


Now, information just transfers into our student information system. The accuracy is there now, and it saves time for the registrars. There are multiple benefits from it.

Linda Biggs

Linda Biggs Student Attendance Administrator, Mobile County Public Schools (AL)


There is no doubt Mobile County Public Schools saved money not having to print registration packets. Registrars no longer have to manually enter registration information into INOW, Mobile County Public Schools Student Information System. Once the parents understood the concept, they loved it.

Beth Farletta

Beth Farletta Office of Business Administrator/Board Secretary, Lawrence Township Public Schools (NJ)


We’re very happy with Registration Gateway. There have been cost savings in places you don’t really think about until they happen. We used to have to copy thousands of documents and forward them to individual schools, where they had to be filed. That’s all gone. One-hundred percent of it.

Sally Sacks

Sally Sacks Information Systems Analyst, Spring-Ford Area School District (PA)


Registration Gateway has had its most valuable effect on improving the efficiency of communication between district departments. The minute student registration information is sealed [by a school employee], much of the data entry is automatically imported into our SIS, and trigger emails are automatically sent across the district.

Carole Geary

Carole Geary Superintendent, Pleasant Valley School District (PA)


Parents either complete the registration information online before arriving at the registration office or they complete this part of the process at a work station located in the registration office prior to seeing the registration secretary. So we serve more people on a given day making the process more timely for staff and convenient for parents.

Katherine Caron

Katherine Caron Registrar, Oxford Community Schools (MI)


“SRC offers a fantastic program. It’s been great, and we expect that it will get better every year. Issues arise with every new system, but their team has been very receptive to change. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed the fact that they think outside the box and go well beyond what’s ‘normal’ and ‘standard.’”

Fil Santiago

Fil Santiago Director of Staff Development and Technology, West Orange Public Schools (NJ)


The education system requires a tremendous amount of data and documentation, and Registration Gateway allows us to focus less on processing paperwork and more on what matters most — meeting the educational needs of our students. We now have a cost-efficient, secure registration process that allows for easy access to student files.

Oliver Wreford

Oliver Wreford Director of Business Development, Pearson School Systems


“One of the reasons why Pearson partnered with SRC is that Registration Gateway takes registration to a whole new level. It’s more than about data collection and replacing forms. Their approach to process and documents results in an end-to-end system that dynamically increases the value of PowerSchool and PowerSchool SMS. From the near real time data integration to the student and family documentation being available almost instantaneously to school staff, they have revolutionized more than just registration.”

Katherine Caron

Katherine Caron Registrar, Oxford Virtual Academy


We’re thrilled. The team at SRC has been fantastic. My needs were met, and in the initial run, they had a very short window to get the solution up and running. They worked tirelessly to make it happen. In all, SRC offers a fantastic program. It’s been great, and we expect that it will get better every year. Issues arise with every new system, but their team has been very receptive to change. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed the fact that they think outside the box and go well beyond what’s ‘normal’ and ‘standard.’

Terrence Mixon

Terrence Mixon Executive Director of Student Support Services, Mobile County Public Schools (AL)


“The Registration Gateway Online Enrollment Solution flawlessly handled over 46,000 registrations on a single day. Mobile County Public Schools, SRC Solutions and our Student Information Systems provider STI worked hand in hand to develop an integrated solution through a set of API’s which provides seamless data flow into INOW. Mobile County Public Schools has achieved 100% parent adoption of the Registration Gateway Online Enrollment Solution. Everything we asked SRC to do, they were there to help us. I am very pleased with SRC.”

Dr. Sherene Carpenter

Dr. Sherene Carpenter Coordinator of Attendence, Birmingham City Schools (AL)


BCS has saved costs related to personnel hours, paper, and printing. The main goal was to save time. Student and parent/guardian information is input into iNOW as clean data. We have corrected and updated student demographic information as well as diminished duplicate student information. The registration process is more streamlined and organized.

Jesenia Castro

Jesenia Castro Director of the Office of Student Affairs, Brookline Public Schools (MA)


What we most enjoy about Registration Gateway is the clean data that we receive through it. We now have a more systematic registration process that is very helpful in allowing us to see what the needs are for enrolling students. Registration Gateway allows us to communicate across the district with incoming students’ information. We are able to notify our English Language Learning team, the McKinney-Vento Liaison, and special education team prior to the students beginning school, allowing for early intervention where needed.

Russ Gerbers

Russ Gerbers Director of Technology, Kenowa Hills Public Schools (MI)


All new parents used the online solution provided by Registration Gateway for this most recent new student registration period. The impact throughout KHPS has been terrific. Secretaries no longer have to manually enter data into PowerSchool and our PowerSchool specialist no longer has to correct the data. The Registration Gateway Type Ahead Address fields takes care of that for us. Accurate addresses are entered 100% of the time. Our secretaries like the new process and KHPS has saved money and increased efficiency. What more could you ask from a business partner? We are excited to be expanding our relationship with SRC Solutions Parent Conference Gateway this coming year.

Don Davie

Don Davie Data Manager, Reed Union School District (CA)


Compared to our prior Online Registration Solution, Reed Union was able to reduce follow ups with parents by 80%. We went from needing three staff members for this process to one. The cleanliness of the data couldn’t be better. With our prior solution, the responsibility was put on us to clean and condition the data before transmitting it to PowerSchool. With Registration Gateway’s Type Ahead Address feature, this is no longer needed. SRC Solutions was with us every step of the way during our deployment. There was no ambiguity in the process. Support is fantastic and technical support is top notch. This was truly a seamless process. Dedicated support is key in Online Registration deployment to do it right. SRC Solutions doesn’t just do it right, they did it perfectly.

Brian Daughhetee

Brian Daughhetee President, ANCGroup


As we looked at registration solutions in the marketplace, it quickly became clear that Registration Gateway was the industry leader. For almost 15 years our company has worked with Districts to improve Processes and Data Quality that enhance Student outcomes. SRC Solutions’ Registration Gateway goes to the heart of our efforts as a company.

Bryan MacDonald

Bryan MacDonald Managing Director, Pearson School Systems


Through the integration of Central Records Gateway and PowerSchool, districts can now efficiently digitize their most critical student records through a secure, precise and easy-to-use process. Central Records Gateway allows PowerSchool users to extend the power of the student information system to efficiently manage years of student data.

Registration Gateway